About Us

Federal Power Products was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Farmland Tractor Supply in Tangent, Oregon. Farmland Tractor Supply was started in 1980 by the Raschein family and now has 4 generations in the business. Farmland specializes in parts and engines for the agricultural and industrial equipment markets. In 2006 we built a new large engine machine shop using the latest technology to build engines and machine components for customers. We have sold more than 2000 remanufactured engines since that beginning.

We saw the need for consistent high quality engine parts so Federal Power Products was formed to supply our machine shop, retail customers, dealers and distributors. Since we have our own in-house machine shop, every part is tested and used in the engines that we build. If a part doesn't pass our technicians’ high standards then we won't sell it. We will continue to add to our lineup of parts as we develop new items. We are always open to new suggestions, feedback and welcome your comments.


Three Generations of Rascheins - Ty, Randy, Randy Sr., and Dustin

Three Generations of Rascheins: Ty, Randy Jr, Randy Sr., and Dustin