Machine Shop

Watch our YouTube video of a the CNC Engine Boring process

In 2006, Federal Power Products sister business, Farmland Tractor, built a new engine rebuilding facility with up to date machines, a separate parts cleaning area, and an engine assembly clean room. Assembly specifications are kept for every engine we assemble. We have the most modern machines for a quality engine rebuild.

We know when you go to the expense and trouble of installing an engine, it has to work right the first time. Our re-manufactured engines and components are completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Parts and components are then re-manufactured to the strictest O.E. standards using computer controlled equipment. Cylinder surface roughness is electronically measured and controlled and each sleeve and piston are checked for proper protrusion. Blocks and cylinder head mating surfaces are resurfaced. Combustion volume is controlled to O.E.specs. Blocks, heads, crankshafts and connecting rods are non-destructively inspected for cracks through a magnaflux wet path process.

The following parts are replaced on our long blocks regardless of wear:

  • Pistons, liners, and rings
  • Connecting rod bearings & bushings
  • Crankshaft main and thrust bearings, front and rear seals
  • Gaskets, dowels, cap plugs, clamps, hoses and o-rings
  • Oil Cooler (where applicable)
  • Oil Pump
  • Camshaft Bearings
  • Valves, retainers, retainer locks and stem seals

Other remanufacturing operations performed at our facilities:

  • Cylinder bore and hone
  • Align bore and hone
  • Recondition connecting rods
  • Fit bushings
  • Install valve train & recondition cylinder heads
  • Install seats and guides
  • Cylinder head and engine block surface
  • Pressure check cylinder head and engine blocks
  • Magnuflux
  • Hot tank
  • Surface flywheels
  • Crankshaft grinding
  • Crankshaft Polishing
  • Crack repair
  • CNC machine work
  • Ask about other machining services

Federal Power Products can provide you with more than just a re-manufactured diesel engine...we can provide Confidence: Confidence in your equipment's performance and our remanufacturing procedures, and Confidence in knowing that you have installed the best re-manufactured diesel engine or parts available.